Welding Technology is now essential for any industrial sector. Welded products are very common even for electrical and domestic appliances. Even for precision instruments and jewelry various joining methods are employed. Hence welding is inevitable for very fine to very heavy fabrication requirements.

Power sector (hydel, thermal, nuclear, solar, wind power) extensively employs welding for many critical products manufacture.

Transportation sector (surface, sea, air) makes use of several welding processes. Automobiles (two wheelers, cars, buses) use many of the resistance welding processes. Ship building uses manual metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, electro gas welding, gas metal arc welding processes.

Aerospace applications require advanced welding processes like electron beam, laser, friction welding and diffusion bonding processes.

Transition joints are required for handling difficult to weld dissimilar metal combinations. Friction welding , ultrasonic welding , explosive welding and induction pressure welding are some of the processes useful for such applications.