Profile of Dr. K.G.K. Murti

  • Obtained bachelor of science degree from Andhra University BTech in Mechanical engineering, M Tech in Metal joining from Indian Institute of Technology ,Madras.

  • Based on the theories on friction welding of dissimilar metals PhD was awarded by the University of Madras.

  • Gained experience in Process development, welding metallurgy, Testing and welding education, Quality control at Welding Research Institute, BHEL Tiruchirappalli..

  • During the 30 years of working at WRI and BHEL, associated with NIT Turuchirapallly in conducting successfully ME Post graduate program in welding engineering.

  • Guided many BE, M Tech , PhD students in welding technology and related areas.

  •  Had opportunity to learn welding technology in Germany, France ,USSR and Japan .Two patents were obtained for important developments

  •  Over 70 papers were presented, published in national, international conferences and journals. contributed towards promoting welding by organizing conferences ,welding exhibition courses.

  • Won awards from various professional bodies.

  • Presently working as professor & Dean at GRIET ,Hyderabad.


Dr. K.G.K. Murti

Professor & Head

Department of

Mechanical Engineering