Problem Solving From Welding Solutions

There is a tremendous need for expertise to solve industrial problems. There is dearth of qualified and trained welding personnel in various sectors viz; power plant equipment manufacture , automotive industries , aero-space , ship building , petro-chemical , defence , electrical and domestic appliances , Railways , bridge construction etc.
It is also very difficult for all to master the technology due to various constraints.
This website is an attempt to be of some help for those who are in need of help in some form or other. all are requested to utilize the services.

There are several problems in the area of resistance spot, seam, projection, upset butt and flash butt welding. These processes find extensive use in transportation at ion sector, electrical equipment manufacture and domestic appliances. The problems may be in the areas of process parameters, electrodes, testing and application.

Another mass production process which is gaining world wide acceptance is friction welding. There are many advances like friction stir welding and friction surfacing.
Enormous scope exists for applying these techniques for variety of applications.

Welding education and training requires special attention .There are many who would like to have assistance in the welding process technology, Welding metallurgy, Testing ,Welding applications and Brazing and soldering.