Solid Phase Welding



There are several advantages if welding can be carried out without melting and solidification of metals. Solid phase welding processes namely friction welding (FW) , explosive welding (EXW) , Induction pressure welding (IPW) , ultrasonic welding (USW) and several cold pressure welding (CPW) processes satisfy this requirement and hence facilitate welding of many dissimilar metal combinations. These are required for electrical , transition pieces and many other critical products manufacture. Diffusion bonding where coalescence is produced using pressure, temperature and time with or without using filler in a controlled atmosphere finds variety of applications in many critical component manufacture required for nuclear, aero-space and defence sectors.Contact for hard copy service for important articles.Current research being done UNDER MY GUIDANCE at PhD level includes:FRICTION STIR WELDING OF ALUMINIUM ALLOYS,FRICTION SURFACING OF DISSIMILAR METALS,FRICTION STIR WELDING OF DISSIMILAR METALS.


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